After graduating with a bachelor’s in Behavioral Science 3 years ago from Metro State, I decided to put the powers of  my observation skills into this city’s most diverse and dynamic milieu:  San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s a very dichotomous love/hate dynamic I have.  On one hand, the trash really gets me bummed out.  And sometimes?   It’s very Zen, so, I take pictures of what I see:  shoes in a fantastical arrangements over plywood;  clothing strewn upon a tree–dressed up as Norma Desmond for the night. 

This blog has been created to raise awareness about trash.  If a reader can come away with any thought associated trash and how it affects our mental psyche–then, I’ve met my goal.  This blog does not attempt to unabashedly complain about trash and not do anything about it.  It’s not a blog about whining.  Although, it can be.  However, author of the blog shall do a myriad of things when encountering trash:  1. do nothing, 2. tweet it in to San Francisco’s 311, 3. call it in to 311 or 28 Clean, 4. take a picture of it, 5. blog about it, 6. clean up after it or 7.  any combination of all.  Consider it, “vigilante blogging.”

Last, there’s so much being said about going green these days with little mention of litter and pollution.  There are lots of little things I can do (we can do) to change things–maybe compost street trash or re-use a paper coffee cup or bring in my own mug to a coffee house.  A little does go a long way…

What inspired me to blog about trash

What inspired me to blog about trash


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