Fire hydrant, a la paper mâché

A paper mâché fire hydrant?  Only in San Francisco.  Now, while I was all for these two guys plasting the hydrant on 19th & Alabama in the name of art, I was a little saddened after 5 months that they haven’t cleaned up what they did.   By now, the mâché (á la of wheat paste, Elmer’s glue, water and newspaper) is completely dry.  Ready for anyone to turn it into a mold.

When asked that balmy day in June what they were up to, they nervously replied that they were trying to make a mold of the fire hydrant.  “Very cool I said.”  And, I walked on my way.  That’s what you do in San Francisco, you see, you leave people alone and don’t nose around.

As I walked my dog past them, one of them yelled out, “Hey, you’re not going to nark on us? Right?”  I turned around with my dog patiently waiting for me to continue our walk, “Hells, no.  More power to you for transforming the street into art.” 

But now, since they haven’t been back to unplaster the mold, it’s time to complain:  the fire hydrant’s ability to tap water when needed in a fire has been compromised.  Even though it appears to have some access to the tap, it is completely obstructed by its tightly bonded paper sepulchre.  It seems as if it is rendered…functionless.

But is it art?



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Dirty hands

grimey hand

Just don't rub your eyes anytime soon

Took the new car out for a spin and decided to wipe the brake dust off the rims.

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Leaves wash ashore a sidewalk like a tidal wave

wave of leaves

Taken yesterday afternoon. 

I’ve noticed something peculiar in my neighborhood.  It appears as if someone is raking or sweeping leaves out of the way of gutters.  For example, the other day, I saw a street gutter clumped with leaves and debris.  A few days later?  Leaves and litter are neatly swept up off to the side. 

I will check back at the above site to see if the same phenomenon has occurred.


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A look at past trash on my street….

This was removed after three days

This was removed after three days

This is what I have to live with sometimes

This is what I have to live with sometimes

Just wanted to upload all the pictures I took over the summer when I was sending in requests for pick-ups with 311.  

Most of the stuff that I took pictures of were picked up.  It’s quite time consuming to go to the city’s site and go through the process of outlining where it is:  Southwest corner?  North?  What side of that street was it on?  Then, the whole process of selecting what type of trash it is.  Then, uploading photographs:  that you must (in order to save time) have compressed so that the process is simple. 

There was furniture that got picked up; however, the stuff that rarely gets picked up is the animal waste.  I’m not talking about the waste that you clean up after your dog, I’m talking about another species of animal….I was happy to note that that type of waste did indeed got picked up:  the city responded to my request within eight hours.

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Hello trash?

I moved to the Mission District almost three years ago from Denver.  Before that, I lived in Colorado Springs and before that, I lived in L.A.  Among the three cities I’ve lived in, San Francisco, by far, is the trashiest. Growing up in L.A. in the 70s was pretty demoralizing:  there was a lot of trash.  However, there was an initiative that grew up in that decade and it was Woodsy the Owl’s PSA program, “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute.”  Gotta say, the USDA had something there.

Here’s a YouTube link on Vandalism:

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