Fire hydrant, a la paper mâché

A paper mâché fire hydrant?  Only in San Francisco.  Now, while I was all for these two guys plasting the hydrant on 19th & Alabama in the name of art, I was a little saddened after 5 months that they haven’t cleaned up what they did.   By now, the mâché (á la of wheat paste, Elmer’s glue, water and newspaper) is completely dry.  Ready for anyone to turn it into a mold.

When asked that balmy day in June what they were up to, they nervously replied that they were trying to make a mold of the fire hydrant.  “Very cool I said.”  And, I walked on my way.  That’s what you do in San Francisco, you see, you leave people alone and don’t nose around.

As I walked my dog past them, one of them yelled out, “Hey, you’re not going to nark on us? Right?”  I turned around with my dog patiently waiting for me to continue our walk, “Hells, no.  More power to you for transforming the street into art.” 

But now, since they haven’t been back to unplaster the mold, it’s time to complain:  the fire hydrant’s ability to tap water when needed in a fire has been compromised.  Even though it appears to have some access to the tap, it is completely obstructed by its tightly bonded paper sepulchre.  It seems as if it is rendered…functionless.

But is it art?



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2 responses to “Fire hydrant, a la paper mâché

  1. I think it’s art, Tess. But, not smart art.

    • Very true. I think it will also be a waste of time hoping these fellows will un-do what they did. Nevertheless, I called to complain about it to the city and they will get some action out there to un-mache the hydrant.

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